Google+ Wisewomen - Spiritual Growth - 2012

Are You a Wisewoman?

Have you ever felt like you knew the truth, but every one around you was telling you something different? Ever felt like the things that people told you were "the way" just didn't ring true in your heart? Did you feel like your church's teachings somehow left you, as a woman, somewhat less, somewhat evil, somewhat the cause of all the heartache in the world? Have you felt compelled to make up for some past mistake you made, that you don't even remember, but your life's purpose has been to do anything you could to "undo" that past sin, and somehow, make everything alright? Have you always had this empty place in your heart and solar plexus and you couldn't quite tell what was missing but knew something was deffinately was not there that was supposed to be there?

Wisewomen is a community of Spiritual Women who want to connect and grow in spiritual knowledge (read - no - Woo-Woo), through a combination of science and spirituality that ushers in our new path of illumination, healing and opportunities for wholeness. We live in exciting times in which we are the authors! This community is for those of you whose lives bridge the reality of our past with the hope of our future. It is you who are being asked to forgive and find compassion in a world reeling from the scars of hurt, judgment and fear. The key to not only surviving, but thriving in our time in history is to create a new way of thinking while we're still living in the conditions that threaten our existence.

Ultimately, we will discover that re-membering who we are, making conscious choices about our reactions, our food, our footprint upon the ecological world, and how we honor ourselves, our family and our world, can bring about the heaven on earth we've been waiting for. 2012 will be a time we look back upon with gratitude and awe, as we see how we made choices that brought healing, love and growth to a world that could have been destroyed by hatred, predjudice and ignorance. There is no "out there", and you will see that the quickest path to healing and prosperity is taking good care of your choices now.

Join me, won't you on a most wonderful journey to health, wisdom, joy and peace!

All my Love,